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Ronnie James Dio is Not Dead, But Latest Victim of Internet Madness and Twitter


water cooler     logoDisclaimer: This article was written prior to the reported death of Ronnie James Dio.

Metalheads from Miami to Portland, Oregon were freaking out when "news" broke of the death of heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio.  The Dio death rumor was suspicious at first, but wasn't reported on any credible news sites.  Rather it was spreading around Twitter and various blogs.  

It turns out the news of Ronnie James Dio's death is nothing more than another nasty internet rumor circulating throughout the web. 

And, we know that far too often when a rumor grows legs, it spreads like cancer. You can thank Twitter for that too.  Twitter's greatest advantage is also it's biggest flaw in that the viral spreading of news can often turn out to be erroneous. 

Everybody and their mother claims to be an expert and plasters unsubstantiated rumors on their blogs as if they are gospel.

Dio is very much alive and planning on doing more tours despite being diagnosed with stomach cancer in November.

Here are some classic videos of the legend Ronnie James Dio.