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PA Primary Election and Joe Sestak Can Mark End of Arlen Specter's Career


water cooler      logoArlen Specter's storied career as a PA Senator and one of the leaders of the United States Senate could end today. Congressman Joe Sestak (a rising star in PA) led Arlen Specter in projections 42 to 41%. The PA Primary Election will be one that comes down to the wire.

By many accounts, it appears that Specter's plan to switch parties to save his career could backfire on him. President Obama who has been an ally of Specter is even distancing himself.

Arlen Specter may go down as a politician who killed his career by following his principles. He did the right thing in going against his party by supporting some of President Obama's measures. It was a very risky move, but he also risked alienating himself from his Republican base. Therefore, he knew going in that it would be a longshot for him to defeat Pat Toomey in the Republican primary. And, as he himself was quoted-he switched parties to remain elected.

According to the Washington Post: "The epitome of a northeastern moderate, Specter sought refuge with Democrats in the face of a conservative uprising over his support for a massive economic stimulus package in 2009. Now, he's finding that the rank and file in his new party may be no more hospitable than those in the one he abandoned."

Turns out now that in ironic fashion, Arlen Specter's plan to save his career could end it. Joe Sestak, who was a huge underdog months ago is now "Even Steven" in the polls and could win the Democratic nomination by day's end.

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