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Arlen Specter Concedes to Joe Sestak Who Wins Democratic Primary


water cooler        logoArlen Specter has conceded to Joe Sestak, who will win the Democratic Senate Primary in the Pennsylvania Senatorial Election of 2010.  Specter thanked Sestak for his victory and kept his concession speech short, thanking his supporters and the people of Pennsylvania. 

Specter is the highest profile incumbent who will not be re-elected in 2010.  Specter's Senatorial career spanned 30 years and he first arlen specter magic bullet theorygained notoriety in the 1960's with his "Magic Bullet Theory" when the Warren Commission came up with their findings on the JFK Assassination.  In the photo on the right, a young Arlen Specter explains his "Single Bullet Theory" when he was a young Congressmen.

Specter, who tried to save his political career by switching parties, ended up killing his career. 

Joe Sestak, was a huge underdog just a few months ago, but ran a very smart campaign, by pointing out Specter's plan of switching political parties just to save his career. 

It was an unprecedented move for a senior Senator of his stature to "flip-flip" and that spelled his demise.  With a nation in economic turmoil, many Americans are turning towards challengers and looking to vote out the incumbents in favor of new blood. Specter becomes the first casualty of this referrendum of the American people.  Look for this trend to continue in primaries and in the General Election in November.