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Second Powder Scare in Philadelphia in Two Days Also a False Alarm


water cooler         logoThursday afternoon a balloon was discovered that contained a mysterious white powder near The Liberty Bell, which prompted  Homeland Security and FBI officials to evacuate the entire area.

Turns out that tests conducted on the mysterious white powder revealed it to be nothing more than flour.  And, the balloon was linked to a Food Network Show filming in the area, but the Food Network has denied being part of this.

This morning another powder scare has prompted the evacuation of a building in Center City when a Water Department employee opened an envelope containing a yellowish powdery substance.

The incident took place at the Municipal Services Building across the street from City Hall.

Fortunately, the woman who opened the envelope this morning seemed to be fine and unaffected from the powder in the envelope.  She was taken to the hospital for precautionary measures.

Generally we hear about these types of scares in New York City, but now they are hitting closer to home.  Goes to show you that nobody is immune to terrorist threats or even hoaxes.

Both powder scares have turned out to be false alarms, but even so you have to commend local officials for being proactive and taking care of business promptly.