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Google Pac-Man Game and 30th Anniversary Revitalize Pac-Man Franchise


water cooler          logoGoogle has done it again.  This time they made Pac-Man relevant again by turning their logo into an interactive Pac-Man game on Friday and Saturday.

Sure, it's a big deal that Pac Man celebrated it's 30th anniversary, but Google's Pac Man game was an instant hit with office workers around the country and the talk of America.

Think about it.  In this age of Facebook, Xbox 360, Iphone apps, and Twitter - when is the last time you thought about playing Pac-Man?  Surely some of you like myself have an affinity for the past.  It's always fun to download a Nintendo app on your computer and play Mike Tyson's Punch Out. 

Everybody has a memory of Pac-Man.  Many of us played it in the arcade.  Some of us were fortunate and had wealthy parents who had the actual arcade game at home. I will never forget the trips to my dentist Dr. Rohrbach in Pottstown.  I always looked forward to going to the dentist (ironic huh) because he had a Pac-Man cocktail-pac-man cocktail style arcade gametable-style arcade game in his lobby that I would play before going in to have a tooth yanked out of my mug. During my lifetime I had eight teeth pulled and had the joy of having braces installed on my top and bottom rows.  Suffice it to say I played a lot of Pac-Man in my day. 

I even got curious and looked to see who is profiting from Pac Man's resurgence on Ebay.   And, low and behold there is a Pac-Man arcade game up for sale on Ebay for a whopping $2400. And, it is the cocktail-table-style variety.  Much like the one that I played at my dentist's during my many visits.  If only I had the $2400 to burn...

Google's Pac-Man game is a fun, little throwback to the legendary franchise.  However, it's a little hard to control.  Then again, what more do you want for free? The game served it's purpose.  And, for those of us in our late 20's and early 30's, we got to relive a little bit of our childhood. 

Whether you were screwing off during the workday on Friday or sitting on your laptop in the living room this weekend, it was fun to turn back the clock to the 80's and play Google's Pac-Man game, which appeared on their homepage on Friday and Saturday.

If you missed the boat on Friday or Saturday you can download Google's Pac-Man game on Mediafire.com. 

According to The Huffington Post, the game works just like the "doodle" game which appeared on Google's homepage on Friday and Saturday.

Then you can relive a little bit of your childhood.


12:13 AM
Fri Mar 1 2013
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