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NBC and Jay Leno Taking The Low Road With Conan O'Brien


The feud between Jay Leno, NBC, and Conan O'Brien has been getting downright nasty in recent days. First, NBC called O'Brien a liar after his 60 Minutes Interview on Sunday night. 

NBC went on record to say that O'Brien lied when he said NBC chose Leno over him because Leno's severance package would have cost the network more money.  NBC officials said that their severance packages were essentially the same. Jay Leno Faisal Shahzad Facebook Skit

Last night on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno did a bit on the failed Times Square Car Bomber, Faisal Shahzad's Facebook page-except it wasn't his actual Facebook page, but rather a fake one.  During the skit, the Tonight Show staff made it a point to show one of Shahzad's interests on Facebook was "Team Coco." Even though Jay Leno didn't overtly announce that Faisal is a member of Team Coco, just showing this on screen gets the point across. 

It's one thing to bash your rivals and competition, but completely classless to associate them with a terrorist.  And, make no mistake about it, NBC could have pulled the plug on this skit or even toned it down, but that never happened.  NBC is tied to the hip with Jay Leno and they support everything he does. 

NBC and Leno are making no bones about their distaste for their former comrade.  By doing taking the low road they make themselves look worse in the process and should just leave well enough alone and move on.  It will be interesting to see the rivalry between Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien develop once he starts his Late Night Show on TBS.