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Michelle Bombshell McGee Discusses Jesse James and Sandra Bullock on Preston and Steve Show


Michelle Bombshell McGee made an appearance on the Preston and Steve Show on 93.3. WMMR this morning and michelle bombshell mcgeebroke the silence about her affair with Jesse James.  She's doing the media rounds now that things have died down a bit.  On Wednesday, McGee spilled the beans on the Howard Stern Show.

Michelle Bombshell McGee went onto Preston and Steve's Show to promote her upcoming wrestling match, run by Damon Feldman.  Celebrity Boxing Federation CEO Damon Feldman was also in the studio, never afraid to pump his gigs.  Feldman, mind you is under fire for legal stuff regarding his boxing matches.  It's interesting that he's holding wrestling matches now.  Things that make you go hmmm.

When asked about her swastika tattoo she acknowledged that it was in a "private place" and she got the tattoo when she was young and dumb and hung around the wrong crowd.

Just how did Jesse James and Michelle Bombshell McGee meet? They met on Myspace of all places.  McGee said she friend requested Jesse James because she wanted to pursue her tattoo-modeling career and knew he had connections.  He emailed her back and told her to email him at his "personal email address" and things "progressed from there", McGee stated.  She also played the "single mom" card saying that she needed pursue her career to support her two children. 

She claimed Jesse James told her he was no longer together with Sandra Bullock and they had to "keep it (their impending break-up) under wraps" for legal reasons until after the Oscars.

She pleaded ignorance, but anybody with half a brain should realize that her story just doesn't jive.  Everybody in America knew that Jesse James and Sandra Bullock were together.  For her to plead ignorance just skirts the issue and absolves her of any accountability. 

Added to that, she's gained a lot of fame from this and only benefited from it.  She's ultimately a homewrecker and publicity hound who destroyed a marriage.  Nothing more, nothing less.  For her to play the "single mom" card is pretty pathetic.

Then again, the bar is set pretty low for D-list celebrities like her these days.

To listen to the entire interview, go to Preston and Steve's WMMR Podcast here.

Photo of Michelle Bombshell McGee from http://image3.examiner.com/

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