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Will Ferrell does Rojo Johnson character in Minor League Game for Golf Charity


water cooler  logoWill Ferrell has done it all over his illustrious career.  He's played an ice skater, an anchorman, a husband yearning for his college years, and even gone the dramatic route in Stranger Than Fiction.  And, he was the cornerstone of SNL for many years and has even hosted Saturday Night Live on several occasions.

He's done it all except for pitch in a minor league baseball game.  Ferrell can now check that off his bucket list after he pitched in a minor league game for the Astros' Triple A Squad - Round Rock Express

Only, Will Ferrell didn't pitch in the game as Will Ferrell.  He pitched in the game as a character named Rojo Johnson, a disgraced Venezuelan pitcher.  Within five minutes, Ferrell drank a beer on the mound, hurled a pitch at a batter, got tossed from the game, and created chaos in the outfield.  Like always he brought his A-game and "the funny." It was quite entertaining to say the least.

Now you might ask why Ferrell chose to unveil the Rojo Johnson character for a minor league baseball team that's not even from his area.  Ferrell is from Irvine California and he resides in L.A.  Ferrell headed down to the Round Rock area to promote The Will Powered Golf Classic on Friday at Cimmaron Hills Country Club, which benefits College for Cancer, an organization that provides scholarships to cancer survivors.