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Al Gore Affair With Laurie David Would Be Dream Come True For Media


water cooler          logoThe alleged affair between Al Gore and Laurie David appears to be a lot of smoke and no fire.

Many members of the press are licking their chops that the Al Gore-Laurie David affair rumor can turn out to be true, thus transforming into the latest American scandal.

It doesn't get a whole lot better than Tiger Woods or Jesse James. However, if a former presidential candidate is found to have cheated on his wife of 40 years (Tipper Gore) with a producer of his Academy-Award winning documentary, it would provide weeks and weeks of copy for journalists, bloggers, tabloid writers and the like.

So far, the rumor isn't growing any legs.  Laurie David, the producer of Al Gore's Academy-Award Winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, has vehemently denied the rumor. Laurie David told The Huffington Post that she adores Al and Tipper Gore and that she's been involved in a serious relationship since her divorce to Larry David.

"The story is completely untrue," David told Huffington Post. "It's a total fabrication. I adore both Al and Tipper. I look at them both as family. And I have happily been in a serious relationship since my divorce."

Sorry folks, the Al Gore affair doesn't appear to be a truism at this juncture. If this affair turned out to be true, it would perhaps usurp the Tiger Woods and Jesse James scandals for biggest scandals over the past year.

Even though Laurie David has made it no secret how much she's admired Al Gore, there isn't any sort of scandal here.