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Ron Artest Interview Shows He's Anything But The Maniac Involved In Pistons-Pacers Brawl


water cooler          logoRon Artest has officially exorcised the demons from 2004 when he was involved in the infamous Pacers-Pistons brawl of 2004 during a game between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons.  The Brawl at The Palace of Auburn Hills as you remember erupted into a full-blown riot and thus the biggest black eye upon the NBA maybe ever. 

Ironically, he won against Rasheed Wallace who was on the court during that infamous game and during the game 7 victory last night.

After the Lakers won game 7 last night, Artest was interviewed and you can see how far he's come from the guy who was involved at the Malace From The Palace.

Sure, he's still a little nutty and rambled during the interview, but he was like a little kid out there just overwhelmed with happiness.  Ron Artest even thanked his psychiatrist for helping him relax during the playoffs.

One has to feel good for Artest after winning his first championship.  Here was an NBA player who embodied everything that is wrong with the game just a few years ago.  He has kept himself out of trouble and has been the consummate teammate and professional.  Coach Phil Jackson felt that Artest was the MVP of game 7.

Ron Artest has officially exorcised the demons which have haunted him since his rookie season.  They say winning cures all woes and last night's Game 7 performance by Ron Artest will put many of the horrendous ghosts of his past to rest.  Over the years, he's been known as the guy who admitted to drinking during games, destroying a TV camera, being at the center of the Malace at the Palace, assaulting his wife, and countless other bizarre blow-ups. 

Ron Artest is still a tad on the wild side, but he's clearly learned to channel that energy into being a productive NBA champ.