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Johan Santana Alleged Sexual Battery: Nasty Accusation or Cover-up?


water cooler           logoNew York Mets ace Johan Santana is embroiled in a doozy of a controversy after TMZ caught wind of an alleged sexual battery incident he was involved in last October.

TMZ.com posted the item earlier today after obtaining a copy of the police report.  The authorities stated that Johan Santana and the accuser (referred to as Jane Doe) walked on a golf course when he began kissing her and then pulled up her top and unclasped her bra. 

Further on in the report it was stated that Johan Santana began to pull at the accuser's skirt (or short) and attempted to place his hands into her underwear multiple times after being told to stop.  

The report gets much more graphic when the accuser says that Santana penatrated her and ejaculated upon her upper thigh.  She then cleaned herself up with her undwear.

What is the key point of the report and what will affect the public's perception of this report is that the accuser said she hung out with Johan Santana after the incident and watched him play tennis with "somebody else."

The report was then thrown out by authorities because, "there was not enough evidence to prove lack of consent, the alleged victim's statement is not consistent with other witnesses."  The case was then closed out on December 8, 2009.  Authorities did discover there was DNA evidence, thus there is no doubt that Santana and the female accuser had sex. 

Johan Santana addressed the sexual battery investigation by giving a statement before the Mets game tonight: "I am aware of the situation, but I can tell you police investigated these claims last year and I was never charged with anything and the case was closed," Santana said in a statement before Wednesday's game against Detroit. "Unfortunately, at this time, that is all I can say. I'll have no further comments."

Johan Santana becomes the latest superstar athlete (like Tiger Woods and so many others) to see his clean-cut, family-man reputation go down the tubes.  He and his wife Yasmine have two children together. 

Before we get too ahead of ourselves lets examine a few things which we do know. 

*Santana and the accuser did have sex

*The accuser alleges it was forced

*The accuser hung out with him to play tennis after the alleged act

*For some reason this report didn't see the light of day until TMZ just discovered it

On the one hand, one has to be suspicious of what the alleged victim is saying because they claim they were assaulted but felt the need to still hang out with Johan Santana after the alleged assault. 

However, one also has to wonder why this report was buried under the surface and just now-8 months later it surfaced.  Is it another case of a superstar athlete receiving preferential treatment?

When you examine the facts as we know it, you have to give Johan Santana the benefit of the doubt for now. With what we do know, it appears he hung out with a girl on a golf course and they had sex.  End of story. 

Oh yeah, he cheated on his wife too, that he's known since she was nine years old.