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Philadelphia Weather: Delaware Valley Area Gets Rocked With Massive Storms


water cooler            logoAround 2:30 PM is when the fireworks started in the Greater Philadelphia area today when temperatures reached 95 degrees and above for much of the Philadelphia area.  The weather in the Philadelphia area plunged 20-25 degrees throughout much of the region as a band of nasty thunderstorms raced from Lancaster down through New Jersey over the course of an hour and a half.

If you were watching the Phillies dismantle the Cleveland Indians 12-3, it was sunny as can be at around 3:00.  Then within 30 minutes all hell broke loose and the game was delayed an hour and a half.

Temps plunged 26 degrees in Philly and there were wind gusts reported at 75 miles per hour near Philly.

NBCPhiladelphia.com has a great clip of the storm from down at the Phillies game.

NBCPhiladelphia.com also has some great photos from the aftermath of these wild storms.philadelphia weather

Hundreds of thousands of people are now without power, which is utter murder in this type of heat.  If you ever went without air conditioning for more than an hour during a heatwave you know exactly what I'm talking about.

If you expect there to be any relief for Philadelphia's weather or the weather in the region then think again. Tomorrow it will be around 90 degrees, but less humid. 

Then it will jump back up into the mid-90's with high humidity over the weekend into Monday.

Get ready Philly-it's gonna be a long, hot, epic summer.  Not that that's the worst thing in the world after we experienced the worst winter that we may have ever seen in our collective lifetimes.