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Ray's Hell Burger Gets National Spotlight After Obama Medvedev Lunch


water cooler             logoPresident Obama is getting some props for manning it up today by taking Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on a man-date to Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington Virginia. 

Unless you're brain dead you realize this was just another one of those political photo-ops.  Nevertheless, Ray's Hell Burger (a popular burger joint near D.C.) is getting some serious attention today. 

Ray's Hell Burger isn't just any burger joint though, it's already one of the best burger joints in the D.C. area in just two years after it's opening.

According to Urbanspoon you can get a nice burger at Ray's Hell Burger for under 10 bucks.

The restaurant, started by Michael Landrum is known for it's 10 ounce prime beef patties for the price of $6.95 and up to $5.00 extra for a select number of cheeses.

Apparently this is one of President Obama's hangouts.  He and Vice President Joe Biden headed there for lunch back in May of last year.

Some people "break bread" together and in this case President Obama and his Russian counterpart decided to break a couple burgers at Ray's. Nothing like a tasty burger between a couple diplomatic pals.

It's not like Ray's Hell Burger was a struggling burger joint though as they were already huge.  This will put them on the national map though.  Good for them.