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USA Defeat To Ghana In World Cup Means USA Can Go Back To Not Caring


water cooler               logoNow that the US has been ousted by Ghana from the 2010 World Cup, the majority of American can go back to not caring.

No longer will we have to endure 90 minutes of the cacophony of vuvuzela sounds which drown out commentary and cheering on TV.  There is a part of sports that we appreciate in America and that's hearing the crowd noise.  In America it's called thunderous cheering.  There's nothing like watching a playoff game and hearing the explosion of cheering during intense moments of a game.  It translates really well onto TV.  Apparently the rest of the world is oblivious to this facet of sports.

No longer will we have to endure this slow-paced boring game.  There is good reason that soccer has never and never will become a first-rate sport in America.

It was a great ride by the US for sure, as there hasn't been this much interest in the World Cup since 1994 when it was hosted on our land.  Now, we can go back to watching baseball and studying up for fantasy football season.

Going back to the annoying vuvuzelas-this just goes to show you how weird the rest of the world is. Even though we have some pretty lame traditions at our sporting events, we'd never allow such an obstructive instrument into our stadiums.  Thundersticks and cowbells are the extent of it. And, Braves fans have been doing the lame chant known as..."The Chant" for eons.  It's a laughing stock in Philadelphia and speaks to how lame the Atlanta fans really are.

And, probably the most annoying American-rally cry in history was the rally monkey in 2002.  Remember back 8 years ago when the Anaheim Angels went on that World Series run and every time you watched a game hosted at Anaheim you were subjected to the annoying bandwagon fans and that stupid rally monkey.  It doesn't get much more pathetic than that.

Well, then there was the vuvuzela.  This nonsense nearly made the World Cup games unwatchable.  Sure, you can turn down the volume on the TV, but what the hell are you going to turn on in the background?  Bongo music?!

The 2010 Word Cup was fun for a minute though.  The US Team hasn't made it this far in a World Cup in quite some time.  Now, we can say goodbye to a sport which is the NFL to the rest of the world.  In the "States" it's a step below hockey.

Sure, the ratings were great in the US during the World Cup, but primarily when it involved our team.  Now, that we are gone, so will be the ratings.