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Rush Limbaugh's Expensive Wedding Alienates Him From Working Class Republicans


water cooler         logoAttention working class Republicans:  Rush Limbaugh is a fraud. Each day millions of Limbaugh supporters and opponents listen to his show for a variety of reasons.  The core group of listeners-his most ardent followers are the ones who have provided him with the extravagant lifestyle he has.

For those of you who feel that Limbaugh is "in touch" with your everyday problems as a working class American, get a clue.  Unless you've been lurking in an underground tunnel for the past several days you surely heard that Limbaugh just threw an extravagant wedding (his fourth marriage) and paid Elton John $1 million to perform at his wedding.

And, the fact that Elton John sold out and whored himself out at the request of Limbaugh for a million bucks just speaks to Elton John's character. Rush Limbaugh hates homosexuals-plain and simple. Elton John knows this and shame on him for performing at his wedding.

$1 million alone is an insane cost for an entire wedding, but to spend that for a single aspect of a wedding is mind boggling.  Limbaugh is the elite class of America.  This is the same guy who decries liberals for being elitists, but he is living that same elitist lifestyle. We're talking about a man who signed an 8-year $400 million radio contract with Clear Channel in 2008. 

Is this somebody you really think understands your issues as a struggling American?

Limbaugh ranked 23rd on the Forbes 100 riches celebrities list last year after earning $54 million. 

So the next time you struggle to pay that $800 monthly mortgage just remember Rush rush limbaugh mansionLimbaugh is living it up in his obnoxious $24 million Florida mansion because you've been duped into believing this guy is fighting the good fight for you.

For the Limbaugh supporters who complain about President Obama on a minute-by-minute basis, just remember that Obama isn't the one who lives in the lap of luxury while claiming to be a hero for working class Americans. 

The knee jerk reaction to this article is that it's "his money and he's free to spend it how he can." That's absolutely correct, but then he shouldn't claim to be on the side of working class America. 

He's about as far from working class America as the planet Jupiter.