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Chicago Media Takes Low Road with Chrissy Pronger Poster and Bashing of Flyers Fans


water cooler         logoOnce again one of our teams is in a Championship series and of course our counterparts are taking shots at us any which way they can.

The Chicago Media wasted little time taking the low road with their coverage of the Flyers-Blackhawks Stanley Cup Finals by taking shots at Philadelphia fans and how rotten we are. 

Let's turn our attention to a story written by Dan McNeil from the Chicago Tribune on June 3rd. His masterpiece is entitled, Philadelphia, the mother of all things foul. He starts off the article by stating, "The City of Brotherly Love. That's a good one. William Penn was wrong."

And, thus his incendiary, insulting article flows with venom and hatred of the city of Philadelphia and it's "digusting" fans.  Clearly, what McNeil went for in this article was shock value.  He wanted us to talk about it and talk about it we did. 

The article is so abrasive that he refers to the city of Philadelphia as an enema in this piece.  "If America needs an enema, the tube should be inserted here."

McNeil's main piece of evidence of "loutish behavior" is an incident when a fan wearing a Patrick Kane jersey was tugged back down into his seat after getting up. Whoa! Let's alert the police on that incident! My God-a fan of an opposing team wearing an opposing team's jersey who was up out of his seat yelling got pulled back down to his seat?! Shame on us for allowing this crime against humanity to occur in the Wachovia Center. 

McNeil then cites some other examples of profanity as if Philadelphia is the only city where expletives fly during games. Correct me if I'm wrong, but while we're on the subject, wasn't Chicago the city where a couple idiots ran onto the field and assaulted an umpire named Tom Gamboa during a White Sox-Royals game? Hmmm....

His article, aside from being based on flimsy evidence is another example of lazy journalism by the national media.  All we can do is just laugh it off and realize that for every Matthew Clemmons, there are millions of wonderful fans. And, for every idiot who chrissy pronger chicago tribuneruns onto the field with a bag of marijuana in his pockets, there are thousands of well-behaved fans who go to the games not for starting fights, but for the love of their team. 

Now, onto the hot topic of this week-Chrissy Pronger.  It's no secret that Chris Pronger, the Flyers best player in the Stanley Cup Playoffs is the villain.  And, boy does it feel great to finally have a villain on our team by the way-one who backs it up with elite play.  With the exception of Game 5 on Sunday night, Pronger has been darn near perfect this entire postseason.

The Chicago Tribune inserted a special Chris Pronger poster in their papers on Monday and entitled Chrissy Pronger. Underneath the title it states, "looks Like Tarzan, skates Like Jane."

If this isn't lowrent, tabloid journalism then what is?

The Philadelphia media has taken the high road, like they usually do and once again our fans and city are portrayed as bottom feeders in a toilet of a city.

Again, this goes to show you just how clueless the national media and other city's fans are when it comes to our loyal fans and our city. 

Then again, many of us wear our "whipping boy" moniker like a badge of honor.  What else can we do but shrug it off and laugh?