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Tiger Woods Historic Divorce Details Overshadow Tiger-Mania in Philly


water cooler               logoTiger Woods mania has hit the Philadelphia-area this week as he is playing in the AT&T National, hosted at Aronomink Golf Club in Newtown Square. 

It's without a doubt huge news that Tiger is in the Philly area.  However, Tiger-mania is being overshadowed by an albatross the size of the Comcast Building and that's news of his soon-to-be-finalized divorce.  Details of Tiger Woods' divorce settlement are coming out and the numbers are staggering.

His wife Elin Nordegren is set to walk away with $750 million (reportedly) and not just the house in Windermere Florida, but their properties in Sweden as well.

Talk about being taken to the cleaners.  Just why did Tiger acquiesce is soon-to-be-former wife? The trade-off is that she cannot discuss publicly any of his sordid affairs.  Added to that, she cannot come out with a tell-all book someday even if he passes away before she does.  Otherwise, she'll have to pay back any money she receives in this divorce settlement.  Furthermore, Tiger Woods can't bring any of his girlfriends around the kids.  Any women he brings around them has to be married to him. Nordegren will also have fully custody of their children.

Something doesn't add up because Forbes estimated Tiger Woods' worth at $600 million this year.  According to Forbes in October of last year, they declared him the first athlete to earn a billion dollars.

Just where does Tiger Woods' divorce settlement rank in terms of other historic divorces? Well put it this way, he's surrendering the most out of any public figure relative to what he has in assets.  His divorce is the most expensive in history.  And, history is a hell of a long time.

Paul McCartney's ex-wife Heather Mills was awarded $50 million.  And, according to divorce papers, McCartney declared his net worth at over $600 million.

Michael Jordan and Neil Diamond were taken to the cleaners for $150 million each.  Again, when you look at what each of these celebrities are worth, it's not nearly as bad as the hit Tiger Woods is about to take.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana were believed to have settled for $32 million.

Actor Michael Douglas gave up $45 million in his divorce and his wife is still trying to gouge money out of him for his Wall Street sequel!

Mick Jagger got off the hook from his wife Jerry Hall for between £7.5 and £12.5 million.

It's anybody's guess what Tiger Woods is worth.  If he's relinquishing $750 million plus properties, you can bet on it that he's probably worth twice that much.  Or, he's just plain crazy.