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Roman Polanski Not Mel Gibson Should Be Banished From Hollywood


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Hollywood Liberals you have gotten your wish. Child Rapist Roman Polanski is now a free man. The Swiss Government, refused to turn him over to U.S. authorities because they failed to address arguments that he served his sentence over three decades ago.  Excuse me, but he fled before he could serve his sentence! And, they felt that Polanski had a reasonable reason to believe he wouldn't be arrested if he set foot on U.S. soil again.

"It's not about qualifying the crime," said Widmer-Schlumpf. "That is not our job. It's also not about deciding over guilt or innocence."

That is not a misprint folks. The Swiss Government actually stated that. Then again we are talking about the same Swiss Government which provided a safe haven for Nazi war criminals and allows white collar criminals to stash their money in their banks.

Hollywood should be ashamed of themselves for coming to this pedophile's defense over the years. When it's one of their own they come to the rescue. However, if Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Ted Nugent, or any other prominent conservative been CONVICTED of such a vile act you can bet that all hell would break loose.

Mel Gibson, who in my opinion is borderline insane, is going to be banished by the Hollywood elite for dropping an n-bomb in a recorded conversation.  His girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva secretly recorded Mel Gibson's rant and the recording has finally made the rounds on the internet, radio, and TV.  Certainly, what he said was vile, but he didn't rape a child. 

Almost immediately after it surfaced, Gibson was dropped by William Morris.  Roman Polanski, who raped a child, is regularly defended by the likes of Woody Allen and many others among the Hollywood liberal elite. The logic of Hollywood and politically correct liberals is backwards. If Mel Gibson were one of their own, you can rest assured they'd be doing anything in their power to save his behind.

If Roman Polanski dropped twenty n-bombs in a profantiy-laced tirade he'd probably still get a pass from the Hollywood liberal elite.  Why does Polanski get a free pass? Perhaps because his ancestors were Holocaust survivors and he directed a film about the Holocaust. While it's a nobel undertaking by him, it doesn't excuse him for his crime. End of story.

At this point, the Swiss Government cannot really be taken seriously as a legitimate government. They belong in the same group with the likes of Myanmar, Iran, Turkmenistan, and other disgusting governments.

And, Hollywood's credibility takes a serious hit. The timing is impeccable. Mel Gibson is being run out of Hollywood for his words.  And in no way am I about to defend Mel Gibson, who has serious mental and anger issues.  We live in a nation where people are regularly given second chances.  If Michael Vick can manage to have a football career after killing and torturing dogs, then certainly Mel Gibson deserves a chance to turn his life around and come back someday.  Polanski on the other hand belongs in prison.

At the end of the day, Roman Polanski violated a 13-year-old and gets off scott-free.

So much for logic and justice.

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