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50 Chihuahuas Seized in South Philly Home Make For Latest in Many Animal Hoarding Cases


water cooler                logo50 Chihuahuas were seized from a home in Philadelphia, making it the second case of animal hoarding in as many days.

Though all of the animals appeared to be in satisfactory shape, there was urine and dog feces everywhere inside the residence.

All in all 100 animals were removed from the home.  According to the Inqurier, "A woman in her 50s lived the house, George Bengal (an SPCA official) said. A neighbor said the woman's husband lived there, too, but he was laying low nearby while the PSPCA was collecting the animals.Charges are pending for the homeowners."

On Monday SPCA officials raided a home and made a gruesome discovery when they found remains of roadkill in a woman's freezer.  The woman, Olga Federov felt it was her duty to store animals inside the freezer after finding them on the side of the road. They found 56 cats, 20 chinchillas, seven dogs, and 18 pigeons inside and around the backyard.  Even a pelican was discovered.  PSPCA officials called it one of the worst animal hoarding cases they have ever seen.

Is it me, or does it seem like animal hoarding seems to be a trend on the rise in the Philadelphia area? Over the past year there have been several cases of animal hoarding.  Here's a run-down:

On July 25th of 2009 official raided a home in Bensalem where cats were discovered amongst trash, filth, and animal waste.

Then on August 7th of 2009, a house in Germantown was raided.  According to The Examiner, "Aside from two dogs found living in a small crate with a foot of feces covering the bottom and an elderly dog lying in its own feces in a separate room, two cats were found inside a sealed Tupperware container."

In November of last year, scores of animals were rescued from a home in Grey's Ferry.  And, the whole house was covered in feces.  Notice a pattern here?

And, then in March of this year another animal hoarding case surfaced in Philly

On May 16, 2010 SPCA officials seized a plethora of animals from a home in Northeast Philly.  Over 60 animals were confiscated and most of them were sick.

And, of course we have the two recent cases.  This makes it seven nasty animal hoarding cases within the past year alone.  And, we'll certainly hear of another nasty case before long.

Animal advocates insist that enough is enough after the latest incident on Wednesday and say there needs to be stricter animal hoarding laws in PA. 

PA needs to send a message to animal hoarders and hand down strict prison sentences. 

If you are concerned about animal hoarding in your neighborhood, the ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund) has great information on ways to prevent animal hoarding.