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Alleged Obama Deception Censorship Stirs Up Alex Jones And His Rabid Fans


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The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those at Philly2Philly.com

Filmmaker and talk show host Alex Jones is crying foul and claiming that the Obama Administration (or someone acting on their behalf) hacked into his account and deleted his youtube video for his film "The Obama Deception."  Jones is claiming that Youtube censored him and violated his first amendment rights.  The controversial conspiracy theorist is also the founder of prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.  He also has a radio show, which is syndicated to over 60 AM and FM stations across the country. 

The so-called filmmaker recorded an emergency video message and dispersed it on Youtube.  The Obama Deception was reaching "viral status" according to Jones and he feels that the Administration thwarted the momentum of his video by hacking into his account.  Therefore, anyone who googled President Obama's name on Google would see a link to the video at the top of the search results.  But, when clicking on the link it was a dead link. 

Let's just break this down.  Alex Jones feels that he's such a threat to the Obama Administration that they hacked into his account and deleted his Obama Deception movie on Youtube because it was the #1 google search term.  Furthermore, his film exists only on Youtube right? Meaning, you can't watch his film on DVD or anywhere else on the internet.  Wrong, you can purchase the DVD on his website. Going by this logic you would think Youtube is the basis for his message.  I'm ready to scratch my eyes out even trying to decipher the logic, but I'm willing to play along. 

Furthermore, Jones' Obama Deception film is now an even bigger deal because of this incident.  Therefore, it only makes his message bigger.  So, why would government officials delete his film knowing that it would only make him and his message bigger.  Most people in mainstream America never heard of Alex Jones before this.  Now, he's one of the biggest news stories out there.  It's not like these wicked government officials will be able to remove any evidence of this movie from the face of the earth.  In this age of digital media, one copy is all you need for it to propagate around the web.  

You know you're right Mr. Jones.  This is the greatest injustice since Nelson Mandela's imprisonment.  Heck, it's up there with the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. 

Suffice it to say, Alex Jones' supporters are going ape over this. Pretty soon they'll be crawling out of their parents' basements and taking to the streets. 

Added to that, one of Jones' writers for his website Prison Planet wrote an article about Facebook deleting his official Facebook page because he had the Gadson Flag (A.K.A. the "Don't Tread On Me" flag) on his page.  The writer claimed that Facebook deletes any pages which have Tea Party material on their pages.  They led off this article by stating, "Social networking giant has embarked on a move to ban Tea Party material as part of wider cybersecurity agenda for web censorship and political oppression." 

And, his supporters are ready to bring hell, fire, and brimstone upon Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.  Let's analyze some of these comments by Alex Jones' supporters so you can get a real look at just who Alex Jones is speaking to. Mind you, this article was posted on Alex Jones' website prisonplanet.com so these comments remained published at the time I wrote this article.  Keep that in mind.

A user called "CapnMorgan5150" chimed in with regards to the Facebook fiasco:

capnmorgan5150 Says:

You can’t trust dirty Jews like Zuckerberg. Of course he’s going to sell your info, all Jews care about is money.

Was this comment deleted by Jones' staff? Of course not, therefore it's OK to hate the jews if you're a supporter of Alex Jones. 

One of Alex Jones supporters decided to take the fight to the man and write this message to Facebook.  Seriously folks, I'm not making this up.  If you want to see for yourself the level and lack of intelligence Alex Jones' fans possess then go to the article on his site at http://www.prisonplanet.com/facebook-deletes-official-alex-jones-page-over-gadsden-flag.html. 

A reader known as ectoendomezo wrote Facebook this touching letter.  Here's just an excerpt.  If you want to read the whole thing then go to the aforementioned like do a "Control F" search and punch in "ectoendomezo."

At any rate, here's some of this rant: 


Open Letter To Corporate Fascist Minions And Their Masters–

That you can ..openly..Censor..that byou cubical dwelling ..a**holes..can in fact…by some strange method..rationalize actual..straight up CENSORSHIP…is…stupefying…stunning…mind-numbing!.....Hey..I hear BP is paying alot for petty tyrnats and little tin jeezis’s like you..to turn away the “Free Press” from the catastrophe in the Gulf!

Thast the logical choice!

You..you make me sick!

I dare you..I do..I challenge you..to READ THE 1ST AMENDMENT!"

Another childish fan of Jones named citizen587zrx368ldd Says:

It’s time to delete my Facebook account anyway. Facebook is a known CIA front operation, engineered for the purpose of filling government databases with details about you, which can then be statistically used to predict your needs, wants, desires, fears, and ultimately your very actions better than even you yourself can do"

Another user (hint it involves the F-word) stated this: "Hungarian nationals love freedom just as you Americans do, but we finally realized that we HAD TO KNOCK THEM OFF. You know what I mean? Yes, we had to rise up in arms and root them out. It cost us 40,000 lives dead on the streets. One day fellow Americans, you will come to the same conclusion."

Do these people ever stop to realize maybe Alex Jones' page was deleted because the majority of his fans are lunatics who advocate the overthrow of our government? 

Don't take my word for it.  Read the words of his fans.  And, he fires up these neanderthals who heed to his words like he's the second coming of Jesus Christ. Read through the comments of these troglodytes and you'll come to the conclusion that they are nothing more than immature children who live in a fantasy world.

The reality (and this is hard for people like Jones or his fans to accept) is that Alex Jones is nothing more than a conspiracy theorist who caters to that fragmented population of "non-believers" who fool themselves into believing there's always something behind the scenes.   

There are a few of us who dabbled in conspiracy theories when we were in high school or even college, before we really "grew up." When I was a young lad I was interested in theories about the Illuminati and the so-called One World Government.  And, you know what? I got educated and became a student of history.  Then I realized that these conspiracy theories are garbage and completely baseless.  They are fables and stories meant for overgrown children.

If you're up for some comical reading, check out another site shrouded in fantasy called rense.com. It's a site run by Jeff Rense, an outcast of the mainstream media. It's quite scary that these folks walk among us people.  Then again, they might not walk amongst us too much because they're busy sitting in their parents' basements bitching about the U.S. Government and how bad they have it when they don't even have to worry about working for a living.

It's not like Alex Jones has much national credibility.  Aside from his legion of hardcore fans you can't take him seriously.  He's the same man who points out in his 9-11 film that the CIA and our government orchestrated the terror attacks against our own citizens.  If you're a sane person with an I.Q. above 50 would you take someone like this seriously?

I once worked with a guy who told me his "theory" about September 11th.  He claimed that missiles (disguised as planes) were launched into the Twin Towers.  I asked him where did all of those passengers go who died in the crashes. 

His response was that they (meaning the passengers) went on a direct flight to Guantanamo Bay. If you're an Alex Jones fan, raise your hand if you buy that theory.