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Mel Gibson's Racist Rant Will Go Down As Worst Racial Tirade Ever


water cooler               logoMel Gibson's public image has deteriorated over the past few years ever since he went on an anti-semetic rant after being busted for DUI in 2006.

Gibson has shown other signs that he's a little cuckoo in the past few years and now it appears that he's lost his marbles. Added to that, comments by his insane father Hutton Gibson haven't helped his cause.

News broke today that Gibson's ex-girlfriend has a nuclear bomb of an audio recording of Mel Gibson which will surely spell doom for his career.  His ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva recorded him spewing the N-word and countless other expletives during a 30-minute profanity-laced tirade.

Gibson allegedly said that she looked like a "F'ing pig in heat" and it crescendoed with him saying she risks being "raped by a pack of N-----s" with the way she dresses. 

The website Radaronline.com allegedly obtained the audio recording from Girgorieva, but her lawyer vehemently denies this. 

If the Mel Gibson racist rant turns out to be on the up and up then this will certainly destroy his career. His lawyer of course is saying this is all BS.  And, a spokesman for Gibson stated that, "I have no comment on, and furthermore no knowledge of, the credibility or authenticity of any alleged audio tapes."

Michael Richards' career has never recovered after he went on a racist rant during one of his comedy shows a few years back.  When is the last time he had his own show or starred in a movie of any significance? Aside from being on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Michael Richards has literally nothing going on in his career.

The infamous racist rant by Jimmy The Greek did him in.  He had a great broadcasting career and was fired by CBS right after the remarks were made public and never recovered.

Don Imus did recover from his comments, but in my opinion and many other Americans' opinions, they weren't that offensive.  Much of it was taken out of context.  Imus was hired by WABC six months after the incident.

It's one thing to blow up like Alec Baldwin did on his daughter, but an entirely different thing when you come out of the racial closet.

America doesn't like racism.  It's an almost unforgivable offense when you're outed. 

Should this turn out to be true then Mel Gibson can say good bye to Hollywood for good.  It will surely go down as the worst racist rant by a celebrity ever, by someone of his stature.