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Chris Christie's Atlantic City State Takeover Could Be Best Thing Ever For The Ailing City


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is attempting to go boldly where no New Jersey Governor has gone and that's taking over the Atlantic City Casino District.

Atlantic City is notorious for being a corrupt city.  HBO is about to launch a drama series called Boardwalk Empire (starring Steve Buscemi) which chronicles the corruption in Atlantic City at the turn of the 20th century.  The series is based on the book, Boardwalk Empire.  It's no secret that since WWII Atlantic City has been on a downward spiral.  And, it's gotten much worse in recent years.  Atlantic City's casino profits have fallen severely since 2006.  The town is crime-ridden and many tourists no longer feel safe even on the boardwalk. 

This week Chris Christie announced that enough is enough and that there will be a takeover of AC.

Governor Christie's move comes after years of errosion to Atlantic City's casinos, neighborhood businesses, and the quality of life around the neighborhoods themselves.  While this is a bold and risky measure, it could be the best thing to happen to Atlantic City perhaps ever.

chris christieAccording to The New York Times, "This year, Atlantic City casino revenue is down almost 30 percent from the same period in 2006, and the casinos have shed about 12,000 jobs since then. In the first quarter of this year, 7 of the 11 casinos posted operating losses."  Christie stated in his press conference Wednesday that "Atlantic City is dying" and is attempting to radically overhaul the way things are done in Atlantic City.  Governor Christie has a plan in place to create an agency  which will take over many duties from the Atlantic City government and other bodies related to reducing crime, promoting the area to tourists, and facilitating the financing of new development.

The agency, which will be created by the New Jersey State Government will consist of members of the casino industry and local government representatives. 

Many city residents and officials are applauding the move as a partnership and long-awaited.  Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford doesn't view Christie's plan as a takeover, but rather as a "partnership." Governor Christie deserves major kudos for putting the wheels into motion for the revitalization of Atlantic City. 

If nothing is done, then Atlantic City will continue on it's downward spiral to becoming "Camden East."  Whether you are for state takeovers or not, you have to commend Christie for taking the bull by the horns and committing to turning around Atlantic City. 

This isn't all Christie wants to do for New Jersey's ailing economy.  He also wants to turn around the racetrack industry and get the Xanadu complex in the Meadowlands completed.

Atlantic City faces a lot of competition from Pennsylvania and other states, but it offers what PA and even Las Vegas cannot and that's beachfront property. 

The Atlantic City state takeover plan is bold, brilliant, risky, and the right thing to do.  He also has to battle corruption which is as much a part of Atlantic City as burgers are at McDonald's.  If this plan succeeds it will be the best thing to ever happen to the tarnished city.