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Wikileaks Afghanistan War Logs Leak: Irresponsible Journalism or Necessary Exposure of Truth?


water cooler                  logoPresident Obama's life as president of the United States just got much tougher today when Julian Assange, the mastermind behind Wikileaks saw his plan come to fruition.  Assange was able to obtain classified documents (related to the Afghanistan War) allegedly from Bradley Manning, a former Army analyst who faces 52 years in prison in a separate incident when he provided a classified video to Wikileaks. Therefore, Manning is a person of interest in the Afghanistan leak scandal.

This is a black and white issue and it's sure to polarize many Americans and stir much debate. On one side of the fence there are those who feel Manning should be charged with treason for blowing the whistle. Certainly many military supporters would love to drag Julian Assange somewhere and make him disappear.

And, on the other side of the fence, champions of free speech and the "truth" argue this is paramount to journalism. At the heart of journalism is the factual reporting of events-nothing more and nothing less. Julian Assange in the truest sense is doing his job. He seeks to uncover the horrors of warfare and see to it that the public is informed.

However, his noble pursuit of the truth comes at the expense of compromising the United States' mission in Afghanistan according to many. Threat analyst, former hacker, and journalist Adrian Lamo blasted Wikileaks for putting this out there as it can compromise national security. Lamo is the one who turned in Manning to the Pentagon and had this to say about the whistleblower.  

“I do not believe that Private Manning had the technical expertise necessary to communicate this amount information to the outside world without being detected on his own,” he said. “And I don’t believe he operated without guidance, rather I think it’s more likely that he was a personal shopper for classified data for the Wikileaks apparatus.”

The Wall Street Journal wasted little time trying to discredit Assange by stating that he leaked the Afghanistan war logs because his site hasn't been getting enough attention. That seems far-fetched when you look at his body of work.

Mr. Assange charges that his Afghanistan war logs leak exposes war crimes committed by the United States military and NATO. Added to that, the confidential files also prove that Pakistan's clandestine intelliegence agency has been aiding the Taliban, which can create political turmoil for not just the U.S. but many nations.

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Dennis Bakay can be contacted at dbakay@philly2philly.com