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NFL Dominates Headlines: Terrell Owens Signs With Bengals, Jack Tatum Dies, and Terrence Cody Flunks Conditioning Test


water cooler                logoNormally we focus on political and entertainment news with Philly2Philly's Watercooler, but today the NFL ruled the day in headlines on just the second day of NFL Training Camp. First came news that Jack Tatum passed away, who is best known for paralyzing Darryl Stingley from the chest down.

Once news hit regarding Tatum's death, naturally many Googlers got curious and wanted to see video footage of Darryl Stingley getting paralyzed by Jack Tatum in that preseason game in 1978, which is pretty typical of the American public. 

Baltimore Ravens Defensive Tackle Terrence Cody failed his conditioning test today and Ravens Coach Jim Harbaugh wasn't happy at all. Cody, who was a second round pick out of Alabama wasn't even close to being in shape. And, he'll have to get in shape before Coach Harbaugh lets him onto the field.

Later tonight Terrell Owens finally got a job when he signed a two-year deal with the Cincinatti Bengals. Owens drew very little interest from any NFL team up until a few days ago when his name was linked to the Bengals and the Jets. Now, the Bengals have the dubious distinction of having two prima donna wideouts on their squad. For you Bengals fans and fantasy football junkies who think Terrell Owens will have a big year, think again. He's 37 years old and just a shell of his former self. His production has declined in each of the past three seasons. 

In 2007 he had 81 catches for 1,355 yards and 15 touchdowns.  And, in 2008 he 69 catches for 1,052 yards and 10 touchdowns.  And, in 2009 with the Bills he had 55 catches for 829 yards and 5 touchdowns.  The popular opinion is that he had "no quarterback" but it's clear that Terrell Owens' injuries and age have caught up to him.