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Fox News' Criticism of President Obama on The View is Absurd


water cooler                logoPresident Obama made an appearance on The View this morning and immediately drew the ire of his non-supporters including Fox News, which I'll get to in a minute.

Sarah Palin also wasted little time bashing him by stating he couldn't visit the Mexican border, but had time to committ to being on the day-time talk show. Of course Sarah Palin would criticize President Obama if he cured cancer. She'd probably say he cured cancer to advance his liberal agenda.

Let's turn to this article on FoxNews.com about Obama's apperance on The View, which criticizes him for missing a historic Boy Scout Jamboree for Fundraisers. The title of the article is ludicrous: "Obama Missing Historic Boy Scout Jamboree for Fundraisers, 'View' Taping" Really? He missed that? We should impeach Obama for missing this prestigous event. It's the Boy Scouts for crying out loud and 12 presidents in the past 100 years also "failed" to go to it. Fox News allows that the last three of President Obama's predecessors attended at least one Boy Scout Jamboree, but he couldn't be bothered because of his apperance on The View.

There are times when conservatives go overboard in their criticism of Obama, but this is a huge stretch. I could see if a massive earthquake decimated California in recent days; it would be insensitive for Obama to go on The View. Or, if a hurricane decimated New Orleans then this would be a bad move. On any given day there are literally thousands of nationwide functions which the President "could" go to if it fits into their schedule. The Boy Scouts Jamboree is one of them. It's a weak argument at best by this writer for FoxNews.com and flat out shameful.

Stephen Colbert mocked the conservatives for ripping Obama over allegedly blowing off the Boy Scouts. The conservatives should instead be outraged over the Wikileaks Afghan War logs leak if they want to focus their energies.

Ultimately, it humanizes the president to do the rounds on talk shows like The View. It's positive PR and good to see a president or any well-known politician stepping outside the box and let it all hang out in the public arena. We witnessed it in Philadelphia when the brilliant former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice performed with Aretha Franklin.

If conservatives want to be angry at anything in recent days it should be the Wikileaks Afghanistan War Logs leak. That's something to get fired up about if you're a diehard conservative.

What does one of Obama's biggest critics think of his appearance? That would be Alex Jones of course, the director of The Obama Deception. While we couldn't find any quotes from Alex Jones, a writer for Jones' website prisonplanet.com offered up this about Obama's visit on The View: "Now we know how the President will turn his flagging political fortunes around…"

This is a very mild criticism by Jones' website, unlike Fox News' take on Obama's apperance which is just pure misguided Obama bashing. Then again, what else can you expect from the Fox News machine?

This is afterall - the same Fox News network which regularly calls Obama a socialist.