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Philadelphia's July Heat Wave Of 2010 Will Be One For The Ages


water cooler               logoI consider myself to be a news junky foremost and also a weather junky.  Ask my fiance and she'll be more than glad to tell you just how much I get into the weather. I wait for Hurricane Schwartz's weather reports with bated breath every night.  It's as much a part of my routine as brushing my teeth. 

After we endured the worst winter in a heck of a long time, we are enduring a summer that's reminiscient of the summer of 1776-well documented in the John Adams HBO miniseries.  The current heat wave is in day #3 and it's going to be hotter and more humid than Monday.  Yikes.  Yesterday it hit 98 in Philly and eclipsed the century mark in both Pottstown and Reading.

Today, the whole area will see triple digits.  And, the Greater Philadelphia-region isn't the only area, which will be blanketed with this oppressive heat - the entire Northeast will see double 00's as well.  From Virginia to New York, expect 100-degree temps today and tomorrow. This heat wave, dubbed the East Coast Heat Wave of 2010 is extremely dangerous and nothing to screw around with.

Back in 2001, there was a brief heat wave in August in which Philadelphia and New York both saw the century mark, but that was for one day.  What we're talking about here is a historic heatwave in which 100-degree temperatures can be felt for three straight days.  And, temperatures could reach the triple digits in Philly again on Thursday.

Go back to 1999 for the last major heat wave of this magnitude.  For those of you with good weather memories like myself, you'll remember that it didn't rain a single drop from mid-May until mid-August.  For much of the summer of 1999, temperatures were above 95 degrees.  Many 100 degree temps were recorded throughout the entire summer.  The heat wave of 1999 was epic and could be eclipsed by the 2010 heat wave.  What's really scary is that summer has literally just began two weeks ago.  We have a ways to go before we can shut the book on the summer of '10.

According to NBCPhiladelphia.com the current temp is 99 degrees.  You can bet it will get above 100 today. 

Within the next few days you can expect the North American Heat Wave of 2010 to be documented on Wikipedia just like the First and Second North American Blizzards of 2010.

I highly doubt we've ever seen a winter and summer as extreme as this in the same calender year.  And, we may never see this again.