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Lebron James' ESPN Press Conference The Most Self-Serving Move In Pro Sports History


water cooler                logoJust when you thought the 2010 NBA Free Agency saga couldn't get any more ridiculous, there was word out last night that Lebron James created a Twitter page most likely to announce where he'll sign.

Things got even more ridiculous this morning when Lebron James said he'll hold a live press conference on ESPN 9:00 Thursday night to announce where he'll sign.  This is without a doubt the most self-serving move by a professional athlete in professional sports history.  For an athlete to be so self-absorbed and in love with himself that he needs to keep it a big secret and then reveal it like it's a reality TV show is outer limits.

This blows away T.O.'s sit-ups in the driveway.  Hell - it makes Terrell Owens' Driveway Press Conference look like Lou Gehrig's "Luckiest Man Alive" speech at Yankee Stadium.

I used to have a great deal of respect for "King" James.  I loved when he hosted Saturday Night Live.  It showed a great side to him and he clearly didn't take himself too seriously.  Now, he has the "God-complex."  Wilt Chamberlain, John Wooden, Red Auerbach, and many other greats must be rolling in their graves right now. lebron james In the biggest "Me" sport in the world, Lebron James is "The King."

ESPN is tied to the hip with James and are nothing more than cheerleaders for him at this juncture, so I'm not at all surprised they're providing him with this "stage."

I got destroyed by an army of Lebron James' goons  a few months back when I wrote a scathing article about him and likened "King James" to the King of Choke Artistry-Donovan McNabb.  Many Lebron supporters came out of the woodwork and called me an idiot and hurled expletives at me in the comments. I got nasty emails from these people as well.  Anybody who writes for a website knows the deal.  It comes with the territory.  And, it speaks to the lack of intelligence many of his hardcore supporters possess. 

His supporters were eating up Lebron James' Twitter announcement like foot-long hot dogs at Sonic.  He started up his Twitter page and already had 150,000 followers after 7 hours.  He now has over 234,000 followers one day after starting up the Twitter page.  Now, his legion of fans are waiting with bated breath for the Thursday night ESPN Lebron Love Fest.  I'll tell you one thing I won't be watching Thursday night, and it's this disgusting self-serving display.  Oh, but wait-Lebron is going to donate the proceeds of any advertising revenue to charity.  Whooptee-friggin-doo.  Let's just annoit him John Rockefellar for his philanthropic achievements. 

Does Lebron James have a right to capitalize on the publicity? Sure.  He's one of the top players in the NBA and the biggest free agent in pro sports in quite some time. But, this is just shameful self promotion. 

It's certainly a huge deal that this many superstars are free agents at the same time.  In fact, it's unprecendented.  Back in 1996 Shaquille O'Neal, Juwon Howard, and Alonzo Mourning were free agents.  However, this free agent class blows that one away.  With that said, the C-word has been overshadowing the 2010 NBA Free Agency period.  I'm talking about collusion of course.  It's been speculated that Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh planned on discussing their free agency strategies in concert.  Lebron James then told his free agent buddies that he would hold court in Cleveland. 

The alleged collusion and Lebron James self-serving ESPN love-fest are further proof that the NBA is run by the players.  And, no wonder why it's in shambles.  The best thing that can possibly happen to the NBA is for a lock-out after the next CBA expires.  Then there needs to be a full season without the sport during hard negotiations imposed upon the players by the owners.  And, the owners have to stay strong and force the players to cave in and accept non-guaranteed contracts.  Only then will it become a viable sport once again. 

Otherwise, we might as well call Lebron James the Commissioner of the NBA.