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Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement With Elin Nordegren: Richest Divorce Settlement Ever?


water cooler               logoTiger Woods' divorce from Elin Nordegren is final and from all accounts he's going to relinquish $100 million in a divorce settlement to his former wife.

A few months ago when it was learned that Elin Nordegren would divorce Tiger Woods, many reports surfaced that he would give her $750 million. Considering that he isn't even worth $1 billion, those estimates were quite lofty.

Even though Tiger Woods has allegedly agreed to give his former wife $100 million, this divorce settlement doesn't come anywhere close to the richest divorce settlements in history.

For instance, Michael Jordan reportedly settled for $150 million when he divorced his wife Juanita Jordan in 2007.

Rock legend Neil Diamond reportedly settled for $150 when he divorced his wife Marsha Murphey.

When Steven Spielberg divorced his wife, he settled for $100 million.

These divorce settlments pale in comparison to Adnan Khashoggi's settlement, an arms dealer who settled for an estimated $874 million. And, Craig McCaw, the celluar industry magnate settled for a reported $460 million.

Rupert Murdoch's divorce from his wife Anna Murdoch is the most expensive divorce in history. Rupert Murdoch settled for not $1 billion, but a whopping $1.7 billion.

Despite Tiger Woods' hefty divorce, it doesn't come anywhere close to the richest divorces in history.