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Ohio Car Crash Video and China Traffic Jam: True Horror on The Highways


water cooler               logoFor those of you who complain about daily commutes on 422, at least you haven't witnessed an accident like this one in broad daylight.

A police officer was chasing down a 19-year-old man traveling at well over 100 miles per hour on Route I-675 near Dayton Ohio this week. The car went airborne and exploded into three pieces.

The driver, 19-year-old Brennan Eden survived the crash and remains in critical condition.

Below is the video of the Ohio car crash from Philly2Philly's official Youtube page.

And, for those of us who sit in traffic on 422, the Blue Route, or the Schuylkill Expressway on a daily basis we can be grateful we aren't sitting in a traffic jam like the one going on in China right now. This is an epic traffic jam, which apparently will last for not just hours, or days, but weeks! So far, the traffic jam on China's Beijing-Tibet Highway has been going on for nine days and there is no end in sight.

This epic traffic jam is a whopping 100 kilometers long and is the result of construction and the recent boom in heavy trucking.