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Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally is a Slap in the Face To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


water cooler               logoGlenn Beck has a dream folks. Glenn Beck's dream is for his rally in Washington D.C. to draw a few hundred thousand supporters at the Lincoln Memorial.

Immediately, many will think that Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally is his latest ambitious stunt designed to get the word out about the evil socialist, communist dictatorship of the Obama Administration. But, Beck insists this is not the purpose of his rally - as it's meant to honor our fallen heroes. He has even joined up with the Special Operations Warriors Foundation in helping to organize this event. Therefore, it has to be meant solely to celebrate and honor our veterans and fallen heroes right?

Beck's patriotic rally also happens to occur on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech" which was delivered at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. And, you guessed it - Saturday is August 28th. Beck says this is just a coincidence, but it's pretty obvious it's not. Added to that, Beck's rally tomorrow is not just about honoring fallen heroes. In his own words he stated on his website that "Throughout history, America has seen many great leaders and noteworthy citizens change her course. It is through their personal virtues and by their example that we are able to live as a free people. On August 28, come celebrate America by honoring our heroes, our heritage, and our future. Tomorrow is also about celebrating our heritage and future. Interesting. Sounds like a Tea Party rally to me.  In fact, Tea Party supporters everywhere are rallying the troops to attend tomorrow's rally disguised rally. Guess who else is showing up to the rally?

Sarah Palin you guessed it correctly will also attend! Palin, a fellow Tea Party supporter and cohort of Beck's will also attend this grand event, which Glenn Beck insists is not a political event. He is also urging whoever attends to not wear politically-related t-shirts or to bring in political posters. That's probably a good idea considering how many racist posters find their way into Tea Party rallys.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece Dr. Alveda King will speak at this rally and explained in detail why she will attend this rally, which celebrates our freedom of speech. If I were her, I wouldn't even bother showing up as she might be in danger of even attending considering the the plethora of goons who will be in attendance.

Beck has done a great job in disguising this rally as a day to "celebrate our free speech" and to "honor our veterans", but let's be real. Glenn Beck is attending. Sarah Palin is attending. This means Tea Partiers are attending. Heck, they're already mobolizing the troops. And, it also means a plethora of Anti-Obama and Anti-Anything-They-Agree-With zealots will be attending.

Beck is insulting the intelligence of millions of Americans by playing dumb and claiming it's a coincidence he happens to be throwing this "non-Tea Party rally" on the same day and in the same exact location as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech."

Anybody who believes this is the true purpose for the "Restoring Honor Rally" is naive and/or brainwashed by he and his acolytes. racist tea party sign

Bodog should put out betting lines on the over/under for how many racist anti-Obama posters will make their way to this so-called "non Tea Party" rally. That would be the ultimate slap in the face to not just Dr. King's family, but to the Civil Rights movement in this country.

Ultimately, it's a slap in the face to Martin Luther King Jr. and his entire family for Beck and his legion of cronies to usurp a great day such as August 28th and exploit it for their political purposes. It's even more sickening that they're trying to disguise this as a day to honor military veterans and free speech.

That's the right wing for you these days. They'll sink to whatever depths they can to get their "message" across to the American public.

Get your popcorn ready folks, because tomorrow will be a historic day for America and not for the right reasons. Get ready to see some racist tomfoolery (very much like in the video below) at the Lincoln Memorial on a day meant for Civil Rights.

Dr. King will be rolling over in his grave tomorrow when the Tea Party rally goes on where he gave that historic speech 47 years ago.