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Alex Jones Is Back At It With Brain Eating Vaccine Conspiracy Theory


water cooler                  logoA few weeks ago, yours truly lobbed a grenade at Alex Jones' fans after he and his fans claimed he was the target of censorship by Youtube when his Obama Deception film was removed from the site after he launched a campaign to get "Obama Deception" to the top of google searches.

The point of the article was two-fold. The first objective was to draw the ire of his fans, which it certainly accomplished-a sort of social experiment if you will. My second point in the article was that I doubted Youtube was setting out to thwart his efforts to get his message out. I also doubted Facebook deleted his page because of his political views. I still feel that way. He even came out a few days later and stated that a hacker was behind the Youtube deed.

I was called a puppet for the CIA, flunky for the Obama Administration, propagandist, shill, and every name in the book. And, I even received threatening emails from some of his fans. Thus, commenting had to be shut down on the article.  Furthermore, I never once said it is ok to suppress free speech.  I'm in a business where it's paramount to speak one's mind and I completely support Alex Jones' right to speak his. And, I support the right for his fans to get internet campaigns underway to get searches to the top of Google. It's clever and what a better way to get exposure for a message than to get it seen by people who regulary check out Google News, search on Google and visit Google Trends.

I'm a huge fan of the show Tosh.0 so let's call this my web redemption. I'm extending the ole olive branch to Jones and his fans. Whether I agree with 9-11 conspiracy theories or not, he and his fans have the right to talk about it, blog about, and debate about it. Let's close the book on that, shall we?

Moving along, Alex Jones is back on top of the Google mountain tonight. "Brain eating vaccine" is the numero uno google search. Just why is brain eating vaccine on top of the heap you might ask? Well, Alex Jones is trying to get the word out about his theory on these "brain eating vaccines", which come in the shape of a pill or shot which are designed to calm us down. Jones states that these drugs will lull us into a state of compliance rendering us lobotamized into a "state of submissive compliance."

Pharmaceutical companies are amongst the most unethical companies in the United States. Aside from selling overpriced medications which often serve as nothing more than bandaids, they knowingly sell medicines which are not just risky but deadly. I won't go so far as to say they're trying to lobatimize us, but check out Alex Jones' Youtube video and decide for yourself.