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Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan Make Tiger Woods Look Like a Saint


In what has been a wild nine months in the world of insane celebrity news, Tiger Woods was the first to destroy his public image. It's well documented that he's far from the pristine, squeaky clean athlete he was perceived to be. In fact, he is quite the opposite. And, he lost every endoresement except for the one that really counts; Nike.

Tiger Woods is the American Dream-a prodigious talent who lived up to the expectations and made the most of it. Even though his ivory white image has been tarnished, he's still one of the richest athletes and celebrities in the world. Even after he embarrassed himself publicly and took a bigger hit for the creepy Nike Ad and his infamous press conference (viewed by many as phony), he has bounced back.

The same can't be said for Lindsay Lohan who after starting her career off with a bang, has slowly disintegrated into a drunken, hot mess.

Lindsay Lohan, has been anything but a saint in recent years and has been teteering on the edge. Even though she was ordered by the court to avoid drinking alcohol she didn't seem to get the message and continued to hang around clubs. Added to that she repeatedly missed classes, and literally gave the middle finger to the judge on her day of sentencing. Given just a slap on the wrist, she was already released from jail the other day and is unlikely to turn it around anytime soon. She lives in a perpetual state of denial and is the epitome of "that" person who needs help yet refuses it.

Lohan is in rehab (for now) at the UCLA Medical Center and is expected to be there for 87 days. It will be a miracle if she makes it 14 days.

Lohan is the opposite of Woods. She has tons of talent but has nearly thrown it all away. And, she's almost out of chances.

mel gibsonMel Gibson has blown his last chance. His erratic behavior in recent years is well documented. He was perceived to be an anti-semite in Hollywood. That's even acceptable by some Americans to a degree. But, then came Mel Gibson Tape #1 on RadarOnline.com when he dropped the N-bomb. Then came Mel Gibon Tape #2 when he threatened to kill his girlfriend and burn down the Fin house. And, the tapes kept coming and coming. Mel Gibson is a virtually indefensible position and if you thought Tiger Woods was in hiding for a while - don't expect to hear a peep out of Gibson for a long time.

He can say goodbye to any sort of movie career indefinitely. He may never be forgiven. It's one thing to act erratic and be perceived as nutty, but once you're viewed as a drunken, insane, wife-beating racist-that is a point of no return.

In a wild year of celebrity news, Tiger Woods has been leap frogged by the likes of Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, and even Jesse James. Who would have thought that he would become nearly forgotten?

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