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Haiti Is Not Forgotten By Wyclef Jean And Sean Penn Who Have Differing Philosophies


water cooler                  logoHaiti's struggles to rebuild have been all but forgotten by the American media at large. Much of it has to do with the coverage the BP Oil Spill has been receiving and since it's a disaster directly affecting our nation, it's a good reason for it to garner that much attention.

However, there is no excuse for the lack of funds being dispersed to Haiti for the relief effort. $5 billion dollars was raised for the relief effort, but much of the money is tied up and sitting in bank vaults. As of August, only $1 billion was allocated to relief efforts.

Two dynamic public figures have not forgotten about Haiti's struggles and that's Wyclef Jean and Sean Penn of course. Wyclef Jean just announced his intentions to run for President of Haiti. And, Sean Penn has been in the trenches helping out with the earthquake relief effort for several months now.

Say what you want about Sean Penn, but he genuinely cares about poor people. He's not asking for anything in return for his services to the nation of Haiti and it's people. He's doing this because he's passionate about helping those in dire straights.

Wyclef Jean was born in Haiti and raised in the states, but his heart never left Haiti. He intends on running for President to bring the nation back from total destruction.

Sean Penn sees things differently and this is where the conflict between the two begins.

Sean Penn is suspicious of Wyclef Jean's bid to become President of Haiti primarily because he feels corporate interests will interfere with Jean's goals. "I hope he doesn't sacrifice that voice by taking the eye off the very devastating realities on the ground, and the very difficult strategic future that it's got in putting it back together", said Penn.

He also called out Wyclef Jean for mishandling $400,000 (raised by his Yele Foundation) which never made it to the people of Haiti.

Wyclef Jean retorted to Penn: "I just want Sean Penn to fully understand that I am a Haitian, born in Haiti, and I have been coming to my country ever since I was a child," Jean said. "I commend [Penn] for the work he is doing with the tent population, but I want him to understand one thing: Before speaking about any situation that has to do with Wyclef Jean in public, he might just want to pick up the phone and we could meet so he fully understands the man."

Aside from being publicly criticized by Penn, Wyclef Jean also has the tax issue hanging over his head. It's believed that he owes $2.1 million in back taxes to the IRS.

The difference between these two dynamic personalities is that Sean Penn believes in getting down and dirty and helping the people in the trenches. Wyclef Jean wants to use his celebrity and his image to help the nation in his way, for he is the most well-known celebrity from Haiti in the world.

Haiti's elections board will decide within the coming days, whether or not Wyclef Jean can run for President in Haiti.