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Usain Bolt May Be Down For Now, But Will Bounce Back Soon Enough


water cooler                  logoUsain Bolt didn't just lose on Friday, but he got his butt kicked by Tyson Gay. Bolt ran the 100 meter at 9.97 seconds while Gay clocked in at 9.84 seconds - beating him by over 1/10th of a second.

What's signifcant is that Usain Bolt looked almost disinterested during the race. It's possible that he's not in game shape as Gay even commented that Bolt didn't seem to be in his best shape.

Bolt's performance is a far cry from his classic moments. Such as in Beijing in the 2008 Olympics when he broke his own World Record at 9.58 seconds to win his first Olympic gold.

Then a year later Bolt broke one of his own records again - this time in the 200 meters when he ran it in 19.19 seconds! To put that into perspective, Bolt ran that race at nearly 30 miles per hour!

And, who can forget when he really made a name for himself in May 2008 at a race in Kingston Jamaica.

Like Tiger Woods, Bolt is in a slump. One thing is certain, Usain Bolt will be back.  He's only 24 years old and has many miles left on those legs.