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Yvonne Hiller's Kraft Shooting Has Nothing To Do With Economy


water cooler logoMany will point to the shooting at a Kraft Factory in Philadelphia last night as the latest example of a worker going off due to the stress of this bad economy. There is no doubt that millions of Americans are feeling the pinch these days. There are even times when some of us are working for less-than-pleasant bosses. Or, we have co-workers who take it upon themselves to "snitch" and make our lives difficult for no apparent reason. These are still not reasons to go in and shoot up your office or workplace.

Yvonne Hiller was suspended from her job (not fired mind you) on Thursday evening. Then, after being escorted from the building, she drove through a security barrier then stormed onto the premises with a handgun that would make Magnum P.I.'s mouth water.

Hiller walked into the workplace with a .357 magnum then shot two co-workers dead and put another one in the ICU. Fortunately police came to the scene quickly and were able to apprehend her after a one-hour standoff.

According to 93.3. WMMR's Preston and Steve, she was suspended for a voicemail she left on a supervisor's answering machine. Allegedly Ms. Hiller was having issues at work and that people were trying to have her seek some help. Some reports came out that Ms. Hiller felt people were against her at her job.

Co-worker Kenneth Dorsey told NBC10 that Yvonne Hiller is a very good person and a hard worker. Other co-workers said that Hiller had run-ins with co-workers in the past.

Regardless, this doesn't appear to be a case of someone who was being abused by her superiors. Added to that, when someone has a .357 Magnum in their car they knowingly have the intention of harming someone. It's one thing to carry a handgun to defend yourself, but a .357 can not just shoot through people, but it can shoot through doors.

Hiller appears to be a disgruntled employee who had the intentions of taking people out when things didn't go her way at work - which she did.