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Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Highlight of Most Boring MTV VMAs in Recent History


water cooler logoThe MTV Video Music Awards are known for bringing out the obnoxious and outrageous sides in celebrities. From Howard Stern's Fartman entrance on stage to Courtney Love throwing stuff at Madonna to Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift and the bassist from Rage Against the Machine climbing into the scaffolding, the VMAs never disappoint with "WTF moments." Lady Gaga's Meat Dress last night is the highlight of a boring 2010 MTV Video Music Awards show.

However, Lady Gaga's meat dress is all the rage today, garnering more attention than the rampant unemployment. But, really is it "that" shocking? Other than that, the show was devoid of any wild moments. When you think about it, this was probably the most boring VMAs in recent history.lady gaga meat dress

At this point, should we really be shocked by Lady Gaga's outfits? You know whenever she'll attend an awards show, she will done an obnoxious outfit, which turns heads.

While Chelsea Handler did a very good job hosting last night, not even she could uplift this broadcast devoid of the crazy moments which "make" the VMAs.

Instead we were treated to an onslaught of MTV's self-promotions during the broadcast. Every other minute the powers-to-be at MTV had a mandate in place that they focus the camera upon the trogladytes from the Jersey Shore cast who attended last night. Did it really add anything to the broadcast by showing Snooki's reaction shot or working in jokes about The Situation? Sure, Jersey Shore is MTV's cash cow, but the whole broadcast came off as contrived, boring, and an utter waste of time.

In previous MTV Video Music Awards Shows, we had moments like these:

Howard Stern's Entrance as Fartman at 1992 VMAs

Courtney Love Throws Stuff Out of her Purse at Madonna at 1995 VMAs

Rage Against the Machien Bassist Tim Commerford Climbs Onto Scaffolding During Limp Bizkit Acceptance Speech

Kanye West Interrupts Taylor Swift's Acceptance Speech at 2009 VMAs

Instead of moments like these, we were treated to the same old act from Lady Gaga and a self-righteous song by Taylor Swift which began with a video of the Kanye West interruption moment from last year's VMA's. The spirit of the VMAs was absent this year and for some reason they garnered their highest ratings in 8 years.

For those viewers who liked having Jersey Shore and Lady Gaga's ridiculous outfits shoved down their throats then you got what you wanted. If you wanted an interesting broadcast, then you were better off watching the Redskins-Cowboys Sunday Night game on NBC.

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