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Reporter Ines Sainz Belonged In New York Jets Locker Room


water cooler logoNew York Jets reporter Ines Sainz is the latest media sensation, being thrust into the spotlight due to possible harrassment by New York Jets players at a practice on Saturday.

All hell is breaking loose as Jets players are being accused of harrassing TV reporter Ines Sainz when she walked through the Jets lockerroom after a practice on Saturday. Sainz, a Mexican TV reporter was covering the game for TV Azteca. ines sainz

The Ines Sainz New York Jets media frenzy is going to cause a lot of controversey and debate for sure. And, of course millions are searching google for pictures of Ines Sainz to see just "who" allegedly riled up the Jets players in their locker room on Saturday.

On the one hand, there are many who feel women don't belong in NFL locker rooms. Some would argue if a woman as attractive as Sainz enters a locker room then she gets what's coming to her. If you agree with that stance then why don't we just say that women deserve to be accosted by men at clubs after refusing to dance with them just because they are wearing skimpy clothes. This type of mindset is the reason why men are seen as "pigs" by women. What next? Women shouldn't be allowed to report on sports?

If the Jets are in the wrong here, then the proper punishment should be extended to the players involved. They are still on the job whether they're on the field or in the locker room and have to keep their wits about themselves regardless if an attractive reporter comes into the locker room.

It's been a running joke in circles for years about female reporters going into athletes' locker rooms to "check out the dudes." They are often exposed to ridicule as this is considered the "men's area" which is false. Nothing is off limits when you're an athlete making millions of dollars and you're still "on the job."

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