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Christine O'Donnell Victory Means Tea Party Movement Is For Real


water cooler logoNote to the GOP, Democrats, and America: The Tea Party is for real. If you don't believe it, then Christine O'Donnell's stunning victory in Delaware Tuesday night should be reason enough.

Christine O'Donnell, who has the support of The Tea Party went up against Delaware Congressman Mike Castle. This marks a huge step in her political career as she lost to Joe Biden in the 2008 Delaware Senatorial election by a 65% to 35% margin. Biden - mind you is a legend in Delaware and did spend nearly $5 million in 2008 to her $116,000.

This time around Christine O'Donnell has the backing of Sarah Palin, The Tea Party and The Tea Party Express who are rumored to be willing to dish out $600,000 for her Senatorial campaign. The Tea Party Express recently spent $600,000 on Alaskan Senatorial Candidate Joe Miller's campaign.

Heading into the GOP primary Tuesday night, O'Donnell was a huge underdog against Congressman Mike Castle who has been in politics longer than O'Donnell has been alive. For a relative unknown (outside of her circles) to pull off this type of upset says something about the GOP and the attitude of Americans today. With more and more Americans fed up with the same business-as-usual system in Washington, it opens for the door for more people like Christine O'Donnell who are political outsiders. Thus, the everyday citizen can relate to them on a personal level. O'Donnell is a working class person with real struggles (such as nearly losing her home) and this particularly strikes a chord with Americans these days. For all of Christine O'Donnell's stances on key issues, view them at ontheissues.org.

According to the Washington Post, this victory gives Democrats huge hopes to hold onto the Senate seat. "The O'Donnell victory, which was considered a political impossibility as recently as a month ago, is a major boost for Democratic hopes of holding the seat once held by Vice President Joe Biden. New Castle County Executive Chris Coons was unchallenged for the Democratic Senate nomination." Not so fast, O'Donnell and The Tea Party are no longer just a joke.

O'Donnell still pulled off the victory despite an ugly phone-call campaign organized by Castle's henchmen. In the final hours calls were made to Delaware residents where a woman identified herself as Kristin Murray, (O'Donnell's campaign manager in her 2008 unsuccessful Senate campaign), accusing the candidate of "living on campaign donations — using them for rent and personal expenses, while leaving her workers unpaid and piling up thousands in debt."

Even though she goes into the November election against Chris Coons as an underdog, let's just realize that she unseated Castle, who has served as Governor, Senator, and in the House of Representatives. In America today, there is no such thing as an impossible political race any longer. President Obama proved it in 2008 and O'Donnell proved it Tuesday night.

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Photo of Christine O'Donnell from http://voices.washingtonpost.com