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Today Marks Autumnal Equinox, But It Doesn't Feel Like First Day of Fall


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Today marks the Autumnal Equinox, (also known as the first day of fall) but in the Philadelphia area it still feels like summer as temperatures are soaring to around 90 degrees in this area. When the clock strikes 10:09 PM tonight, fall will begin.

Also tomorrow and Friday, the mercury will be near 90 degrees. Could this in fact be the first Fall heatwave in recorded Philadelphia history? That is unlikely as the temp would need to hit 90 degrees today through Friday. 

However, it will be pretty darn close to that!

As of 12:30 PM the temperature is 81 degrees in Philly.

We will be talking about the summer of 2010 for years. We just experienced a record-setting summer in the Philadelphia area with some 60 days at or above the 90 degree mark. And, it's not about to let up.

For those of you headed to Wildwood this weekend for Irish Weekend, expect temperatures in the 80's on Friday and Saturday. Sunday the rain will hit, but two summer-like days in late September is better than none! What more can you ask for?

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1:23 AM
Fri Sep 24 2010
The article posted above is

The article posted above is true, the first day of autumn 2010 is Wednesday. Although everyday life isn’t affected, there is a distinction between the Autumnal Equinox and the very first day of fall. The first day of fall is an Earthbound phenomenon; the Autumnal Equinox involves the technicians of the solar system. In our vocabulary, the Latin term means “equal nights,” which alludes to the belief that evening and day share the 24-hour cycle pretty much 50-50. While evening gains the advantage, trees respond with a transformative chemistry that changes green leaves into fiery shades. This year, the first day of autumn has the added attraction of a Harvest Moon.