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Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and The Tea Party Look To Restore America Back In Time


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Tea Partier Advisory: Some facts contained in this article could be quite offensive

The numbers are in and Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally had 500,000 people in attendance...well at least according to Beck himself. He complained that media outlets were grossly underestimating the numbers.

Interesting. Airphotoslive.com - a site which estimates numbers of people who attend large events, estimated that 87,000 people attended the Restoring Honor Rally on Saturday. The New York Daily News reported that 100,000 were in attendance as did Wisepolitics.com.

Clearly this is another case of the nasty liberal media trying to thwart Glenn Beck's efforts to "restore honor" back to America, which was stolen by that communist Barry Soetoro, also known as Barack Hussein Obama. Obama birthers and Tea Partiers everywhere you had your day in Washington last Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial - 47 years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech." And, nobody can ever take that away from you.

Former Federal Judge H. Lee Sarokin wrote a great column the other day on Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, who look to restore dishonor to America. At the heart of Mr. Sarokin's article is the following excerpt:

 "What I find remarkable is the suggestion that the President's agenda (whether successful or not) of caring for the poor, the sick, the elderly, the uneducated and the unemployed has somehow dishonored the country and poses a danger to it. Apparently in the eyes of Glenn Beck these "socialistic" goals are un-Christian and are to be feared. I do not pretend to be an expert on the Bible, but I thought those precepts were the very foundation of Christianity. Do they become less so because they are provided by the government?"

There is absolutely no way anyone with an ounce of reason can refute that. You can disagree with Obama and the spending, but at the heart of his agenda is a desire to help millions of Americans who have been shunned and cast aside by the Bush Administration for years and years.

Mr. Sarokin was attacked personally by the Beck/Palin goons of course, which is their M.O. on the internet. They resort to name-calling and personal attacks whenever someone disagrees with their agenda, much like when I wrote an article about Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor Rally" last week. They throw out buzz words like progressive, communist, liberal, and socialist. Apparently these are all intertwined traits shared by Democrats these days who oppose the Tea Party and it's uglier racist displays.

Also appearing at Beck's faux "I Have a Dream" rally was fellow Tea Party supporter Sarah Palin who spoke about restoring America back to where it should be. If you're living in her world that probably means back to the good ole days of the 2000's when Bush and Cheney allowed the crooks on Wall Street to set the wheels in motion for the Economic Collapse of 2008 while also transferring the wealth from the working class to the richest 10% at an alarming rate during their 8 years in power.

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin have tied themselves to the hip with the Tea Party movement in hopes of galvanizing millions of Americans who are fed up with rampant unemployment and the Federal deficit.

I will never argue that we should be trillions of dollars in debt as nation. I will also never argue that more measures need to be taken to help Main Street instead of Wall Street. But, I won't ever complain about a president in office because of the color of his skin.

Beck and Palin placate to a movement in The Tea Party which plays up to the racial tendencies of many anti-Obama supporters who want to literally turn back the clock to the 1950's.

For instance, a Tea Party convenvion in February kicked off with a racist rant by Tom Tancredo who presented the opening speech. Tancredo had this "classy" remark about President Obama:

"We do not have a civics, literacy test before people can vote in this country.”

Tancredo also had this to say about Pro-Obama voters in his racist rant:

 "People who could not spell the word vote or say it in English put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House — name is Barack Hussein Obama.”

Recently a Tea Party leader was expelled over his slavery letter. Mark Williams, the former chairman and spokesman of Tea Party Express came under fire in July for writing a satirical letter in which he called slavery a "great gig." And his group had been expelled from the National Tea Party Federation. Respected journalist Eugene Robinson wrote in his column that Williams stated the following in his letter:

 “We Colored People have taken a vote and decided that we don’t cotton to that whole emancipation thing. Freedom means having to work for real, think for ourselves, and take consequences along with the rewards. That is just far too much to ask of us Colored People and we demand that it stop!”

As if that's not disgusting enough, The Tea Party Express refused to oust Williams, which is why the National Tea Party Federation ousted him. And, guess who spoke at a Tea Party Express rally in Searchlight, Nevada earlier this year? Sarah Palin of course. Only after they were embarrassed on a national scale, did the Tea Party Express oust Mark Williams.

Then, there's the racially-charged comments by Sonny Thomas, a Tea Party organizer who posted a Tweet on the Springsboro Tea Party Twitter page: “Illegals everywhere today! So many sp**s makes me feel like a speck. Grrr. Wheres my gun!?” Sonny Thomas mind you, is the group's founder.

Also let's not forget the racial epithets being hurled at black lawmakers during one of their protests in March.

Glenn Beck, who is worshipped like Jesus Christ by Tea Partiers is far from innocent. He recently stated that "It’s like the Damn Planet of the Apes. Nothing Makes Sense" in regards to the America President Obama has created. That's about as racist of a statement you'll ever hear from a high-profile member of the media.

With any movement you have a metamorphosis with groups who branch out. In the Tea Party's case this mean White Power groups sprouting like crab grass on a weed-infested lawn. "Whites Forward", a white supremecist group is looking to recruit angry white people at Tea Party rallies across the country in hopes of increasing their profile.

There's a good reason that Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally was labeled "Whitestock." The Tea Party puts up a facade that it's for restoring America back to where it should be, but many elements within their movement are angry white people driven insane by the fact that an African American was elected President. It's a tough pill to swallow, but unfortunately many people refuse to acknowledge the evolution of our nation.

The Tea Party had better get a hold on just who they are represented by, because they have a serious public image problem. Their hardcore supporters will defend them at all costs, but there are millions of Americans who feel this is a fringe movement shrouded in racial bigotry and hatred, while being led by a couple Right-wing idealogues in Palin and Beck.

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