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Meet The Zorrilla: The Smelliest Mammal on Earth


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Move over skunks and stinkbugs - you now have some competition in the zorrilla, which is the smelliest animal on Earth according to experts. The zorrilla is also known as a striped polecat.

The Zorrilla is blowing up search engines today by storm today. I bet yesterday not one of you reading this article ever heard of a zorrilla. You probably thought it was some lame new TV show on TNT when you checked out Google Trends today. Nope, it's legit as can be.

The zorrilla is to the animal kingdom what a Chicago Bears fan is to humans - after eating half a dozen brats and consuming a 12-pack at a tailgate. This creature emits a foul-smelling odor from it's anal glands as a defense mechanism. You get the idea!

Here is a clip of the zorrilla from our very own Philadelphia Zoo.

Interested in knowing what the zorrilla looks like, check out this resource at Animal Pictures Archive for photos of this stinky mammal.

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