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Woman Who Fell in Fountain While Texting May Sue Berkshire Mall And Has Legal Problems


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Cathy Cruz Morrero, the Reading-area woman who fell into a fountain at the Berkshire Mall while texting isn't in agreement with the several million Youtube viewers who found her video to be hilarious. She has hired a lawyer and may plan on suing the Berkshire Mall.

Just why is she suing the mall over her fall into the fountain? She claims the security guards were laughing at her and didn't send anyone to help her until 20 minutes later.  Her lawyer also wants to know how the security video got out there. If there is any legal liability on the part of the mall, it is letting a security video getting out there.

Some people feel that Morrero intentionally fell into the fountain so she could sue and then pay off her legal bills. Cruz Morrero reportedly was in court for FIVE felony counts including theft by deception and receiving stolen property.

Cathy A. Cruz Marrero, 49, was charged in October 2009 for using a co-worker's credit cards to make more than $5,000 in purchases at two local stores. According to the Reading Eagle, she is due in court to face charges in April for the felony charges. According to The Reading Eagle she also has a hit-and-run charge on her record.

Check out the Youtube video yourself. Does it look like she's intentionally doing it? That's hard to prove. Nonetheless it makes for quite a bizarre story.

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