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2011 Oscar Nominations, Conrad Murray Pleads Not Guilty, and Obama State of the Union


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Lots going on in the news today and really this week for that matter between Moscow's terrorist attack, cold weather in the Northeast, and the Oscar Nominations.

2011 Oscar Nominations Announced

The 2011 Oscar Nominees were announced during the annual Academy Award Nominations this morning at 8:30 A.M. EST.

Biggest news from this morning is that Mark Whalberg, Mila Kunis, and Christopher Nolan got snubbed. I didn't see many of the films (yet) this year, but I can say that Inception was a phenomenal movie (superior to Dark City and The Matrix) and Nolan should have gotten an Oscar nom.

Doctor Conrad Murray Pleads Not Guilty in Michael Jackson Murder Trial

This isn't a surprise. Michael Jackson's "quack doctor" Conrad Murray pleaded not guilty today at the trial. What would one expect a doctor to do - especially a doctor who cleaned up the evidence just prior to authorities arriving after Murray called 911.

President Obama's State of the Union Address Tonight...

President Obama will take to the stage tonight with his State of the Union Address. His address comes at a time when unemployment remains high, while the Republicans are promising to "fix" that problem. In my opinion, unemployment will remain high for a while since companies have figured out how to derive more productivity out of their current staffs. They'll milk this "bad economy" for as long as they can, which isn't Obama's fault.  Experts predicted unemployment would remain at or near 10% for 2-3 years before Obama ever set foot in the Oval Office. And, that's not the fault of the Democrats or Republicans.

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