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Eric Mangini Firing: Philadelphia Eagles Fans This Is Further Proof That Bill Belichick Was No Fraud


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This morning Eric Mangini was put out of his misery by Brown Team President Mike Holmgren who couldn't wait soon enough to get rid of the mediocre head coach so he can step back onto the sidelines next season. This is easily Holmgren's best move thus far of his tenure by relieving the head coach of his duties. After failing in New York and Cleveland it's proof that some coaches are better fit to be assistants in the pro ranks.

Let's play a little word association shall well. What do these coaches all have in common: Eric Mangini, Romeo Crennel, and Josh McDaniels.

They were of course assisants under Bill Belichik and went on to have failed coaching careers. Eric Mangini was fired for the second time in three seasons this morning after a second consecutuive 5-11 season.

Perhaps it's time for many Philadelphia Eagles fans to stop making excuses about the Eagles' Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, by blaming it on "Spygate." I myself was among the haters who felt that Belichick cheated his way to those three Super Bowl titles. If you need any further evidence of how good Belichick is as a coach then look no further than how horrible his so-called great assistant coaches faired as head coaches.

Romeo Crennel:

Crennel, who rode Belichik's coattails in New England was given way too much credit for the Patriots' success. The defense has been, is, and will always continue to be (as long as he's there) successful because of Belichick's doing. He deserves all the credit in the world for the Patriots' dominance during the past decade. Once Crennel left New England for a better gig he flopped. Crenell lasted four seasons in Cleveland and his teams had the following records:

2005 - 6-10

2006 - 4 -12

2007 - 10-6

2008 - 4 - 12

He wound up having one winning season in Cleveland and three very bad seasons. His lifetime winning percentage was .375, which was a hair better than Belichick's worst seasons ever as a coach when he went 5-11 twice in Cleveland and in his first year in New England.

Eric Mangini:

Mangini was awarded the label "Mangenius" when his Jets team found early success in his first season in New York. After that, it was all downhill and he was involved in poor draft decisions including the selection of Vernon Gholston - one of the most horrendous draft picks in recent draft history. Gholston (who Mangini loved) was drafted 6th overall and expected to be a supreme pass rusher in Mangini's "system." Gholston went on to NEVER record an NFL sack. Mangini went 10-6 in his first season in New York, then followed it up with a 4-12 season and was fired after his third season when he went 9-7 missing the playoffs twice in three seasons. He went on to Cleveland and was fired this morning after posting consecutive 5-11 seasons. Magini's lifetime coaching mark is a paltry .366. After Mangini's failed five-year coaching career he went from being called Mangenius to Mangina.

Josh McDaniels:

He was the last of Belichick's deciples to land an NFL head coaching position. The Denver Broncos foolishly gave him too much credit for the Patriots 2007 and 2008 seasons. What they failed to see is that Josh McDaniels road the coat tails of the Tom Brady/Randy Moss train in 2007 and he caught lightning in a bottle with the success of Matt Cassel in 2008 when Brady went down to injury. McDaniels found early success in Denver starting out 6-0 and finishing up the season 8-8 going 2-8 in the final 10 games. This year McDaniels was let go after the Broncos started off 3-9. McDaniels' career winning percentage is .393.

All told, Bill Belichick's so-called brilliant minds underneath him have an aggregate winning percentage of .378. And it's not as if they didn't have a fair shot at getting their regimes in order. Crennel had four seasons and Mangini had five seasons with two teams. McDaniels was axed into his second season, but clearly because he was never head coaching material. It's time for Bill Belichick's critics including Philadelphia Eagles fans to move on from Spygate and recognize his greatness as a coach. You don't have a decade-long run like this by accident or because you're cheating. Bill Belichick may be the greatest NFL head coach since Bill Walsh. And, when he wins that fourth Super Bowl there will be no denying he's the real genius in New England.

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