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Ted Williams: The Homeless Man With A Golden Voice Is About To Experience The American Dream


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In today's era of viral videos and social media, superstars are born literally every week. Whether you can sing, play a guitar, dance, rant, or rave - Youtube is a stage for you to illustrate your gift.

If you're a young child who can play Lady Gaga songs on the piano you can get noticed much like Greyson Michael Chance did.

Or, if you rant about bed intruders in your neighborhood (like Antoine Dodson), there is a stage for you.

Ted Williams, a homeless man from Ohio is the latest internet sensation who is about to see his life transform in a big way. Williams was a nobody yesterday and down on his luck. And, then he was discovered by a reporter on the side of the road with a video camera. And, viola he's a superstar. Williams already has job offers coming in and his star was just born!

Ted Williams' talent is his voice. And, when you hear him speak - his voice is as golden as Harry Kalas' was. Check out the video and hear it for yourself.

The year is young in 2011, but Ted Williams is the feel-good story of the year.

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