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Jerome Harrison Trade: Philadelphia Eagles Save His Life With Brain Tumor Discovery


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The Detroit Lions are the story so far of this young NFL season. After the first six weeks they are standing at 5-1 and had their first 5-0 start in decades. The only bump in the road has been the injury to start Jahvid Best (who may miss the rest of the season), which resulted in the trade for Eagles running back Ronnie Brown.

Brown fell out of favor with the Eagles following a disastrous play in the 49ers game when he botched a pass attempt on the goaline, which resulted in a fumble. Thus, the Eagles traded him to the Lions for Jerome Harrison and a 7th round draft pick.

It's crazy how fate rears it's head sometimes. When the Eagles brought in Harrison for a physical earlier this week, they discovered that he had a brain tumor, which could very well save his life.

The trade was voided by the Eagles, while Harrison isn't expected to play again this season. He had begun treatment for the tumor and his long-term prognosis is positive according to sources.

Now, the story of this NFL season could be the life-saving attempted trade for Harrison. One of the key reasons we watch sports is the hope we will see something we never saw before.

This is certainly a first for the NFL. And, this supersedes any game-winning TD you'll ever see.

Photo of Harrison from zimbio.com

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