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Happy Halloween 2011: Ghost Hunters Take on Pennhurst in Live Halloween Episode


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Halloween 2011 is finally here and we can celebrate after the latest weather disaster (an October snowstorm) rocked the Philadelphia area over the weekend. So, in the span of two and a half months we have had an earthquake, hurricane, record rainfall, and a snowstorm. 2011 has truly been a year for the books.

If you aren't taking your kids out trick or treating or heading to any parties, then you must check out the Sy Fy Channel tonight for Ghost Hunters' live six-hour episode. This year they are heading to the Pennhurst State Hospital in Spring City.

Last year, the owner of Pennhurst converted it into a haunted house (dubbed Pennhurst Asylum), which has become an overnight success. It has already been acclaimed as the scariest haunted house in America by many. The reviews of the haunted house are legit - it is the real deal and then some. It's not often when you go to a haunted house, which truly has history, unlike the majority of them which are fabricated.

And, for those of us who went there back in the day when it was abandoned - we can attest to how eerie this place is.

Tonight, the TAPS team will revist the infamous Pennhurst State Hospital a year after investigating it for the first time. Last year when the Ghost Hunters crew investigated, it was an epic episode to say the least. They witnessed apparitions, insane noises, and bangs.

This year TAPS they will air their live six-hour episode starting at 7:00 PM. Look for this to be their best live Halloween episode since 2008 when they visited Fort Delaware.

The show starts at 7:00 PM and will be hosted by Destination Truth's Josh Gates.

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