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Chris Christie Not Running For President: Mitt Romney Is Now The Republicans' Best Choice


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Chris Christie made it official and announced he will not run for President in 2012. As Philly2Philly's Alyssa Bonk predicted last week - Chris Christie would not run and it had a lot to do with lack of experience and funding.

Perhaps he looked at President Barack Obama's past three years on the job and how his lack of experience has played a role in his lack of success. Or, maybe he didn't want to deal with the constant partisan battles, which hampers our political system.

Now this is Mitt Romney's show. Face it - in a field with unstable candidates like Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann - he is the best candidate the Republicans have.

Romney has the experience and know-how to win the GOP nomination next year.

He served as the Governor of Massachussetts for a full term. It can be argued that the best "pre-president" experience can be had by serving as Governor. Added to that, his 25 years of business experience leaves him well-equipped to devise economic policies, which corporations will stand behind.

Furthermore, Romney isn't selling his soul to the Tea Party, which has done more harm than good. If anything the Tea Party's negative influence directly resulted in Standard & Poor lowering the United States' AAA Credit Rating to AA+.  In fact, they cited "political brinkmanship" during the debt ceiling debates as a key factor. And, the Tea Party directly had a hand in that bickering.

Most importantly, Romney chooses his words carefully and doesn't succumb to verbal gaffes, which have caused Perry and Bachmann's downfalls. And, his family never had a camping retreat called "N-head."

Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate come 2012. Mark it down.

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