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Hank Williams Jr. Compares Obama to Hitler: ESPN Wrong for Cutting Ties


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By now you probably have heard that ESPN decided to cut ties with Hank Williams Jr. following his comments about President Obama the other day.

In an interview on "Fox & Friends" in the morning, Hank Williams Jr. went a little overboard when opening up about his disdain for the President by comparing him to Adolph Hitler.

When he spoke about the golf meeting between President Obama and John Boehner over the summer, Hank Williams Jr. said it would be like Hitler going golfing with Netanyahu.

Granted his comments are stupid and offensive, but should he really lose his gig over this? While he's not an "ESPN employee" like they stated in their press release, this is his job and what he's MOST known for. So in effect, ESPN did fire him.

I personally think Williams is a jackass over this episode and am writing him off as another Tea Party a-hole. However, he shouldn't be canned over a comment like this. And, it certainly didn't hurt "the business of football" like Forbes claimed. If Michael Vick didn't "hurt the business of football" by killing dogs, then Hank Williams Jr. sure as hell didn't with his words.

Now, if he said the President should be harmed in any way then I could see the justification for cutting ties.

We live in a culture where it's paramount for corporations to make everybody happy and sanitize the living daylights out of their content. Far too many people in this country are overly sensitive and offended by any little statement. Williams is just the latest casuality of PC America.

ESPN is wrong for caving in. What's really crazy is this is the same network that prostituted themselves for Lebron James by airing the so-called "Decision" show - when Lebron picked what team he would go to in free agency. I personally found the "Decision" show to be far more offensive than Williams Jr.'s Obama-Hitler comments. Added to that, the message this show sent to children was far more harmful in that it's OK for an athlete to put himself above an entire sport. That was extremely damaging to the NBA's image.

Shame on ESPN for getting this one wrong. They have already found a replacement for him in Barry Sanders.  Monday Night Football will never be the same without "All My Rowdy Friends" at the opening.

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