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Philadelphia Eagles Get Crushed By the Seattle Seahawks and Unemployment Rate Falls to 8.6%


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Philadelphia Eagles Fall to Seattle Seahawks

The Philadelphia Eagles' season hit a new low Thursday night as they fell to the Seattle Seahawks 31-14.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse after their blowout against the Patriots on Sunday - it did.

Vince Young followed up his 400 yard (most in garbage time) performance with a 4-interception stinker.

The Eagles are now 4-8 and finished. As it stands right now they have a top-9 draft choice. The only saving grace for this season is they keep on losing and get a better pick. And, of course Andy Reid will finally be fired.

Unemployment Rate Hits a 2-Year Low

The nationwide unemployment rate finally fell below the 9% mark as 120,000 jobs were added in November. The nationwide unemployment rate is now at 8.6%.

There are some disturbing trends though despite this good news. The number of people who were unemployed for more than 27 weeks was over 40%. And, the average number of weeks someone is unemployed is 40.9 weeks.

Furthermore, many of the added jobs are attributed to holiday hiring in the service industry.

Nontheless, the 8.6% number is the lowest unemployment rate since March 2009.

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